Leprechauns are the coolest of all the cryptids and supernatural entities. Bigfoots shed, ghosts are lousy roommates and Mothman better lay off that kush because he's creeping everyone out with those red eyes. Leprechauns on the other hand are magic, can repair footwear and even give you riches if you're clever enough to catch one. Thanks anyway, Santa, but I can't really deposit a yo-yo in my bank account. I seriously am passionate about my love for these enchanted silly folk— and this may seem silly, but...

I believe in leprechauns, don't make fun of me for it. Or do, I don't actually care. I will proudly defend my belief in these mystical beings to anyone who foolish enough to challenge me. Here's what I think leprechauns are doing in Montana:

Drinking local beer

I'm sure they've told all their leprechaun friends back home that Montana's beer is better than anything you'll find in Ireland. If you're wondering where they get our beer, well, think about it. Maybe your brother-in-law really didn't take the last one from the fridge.

Making awesome shoes

Like I mentioned earlier, these fashionistas really know their way around a shoe. Maybe if we ask nicely they'll teach us a thing or two, then Montana could be the footwear capital of the world.

Playing pranks

Even wise Montanans need to keep an eye out for these mischievous scamps. Around Saint Patrick's Day I recommend not sitting down without inspecting your chair first lest you fall victim to the embarrassing trap of the dreaded whoopie cushion.

Getting caught

If anyone's capable of catching them, it's Montanans from all their hunting experience. If you want to get rich financial planning and careful investments are generally advised, but it couldn't hurt to keep a net handy.

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