St. Patrick's Day is upon us, and there is one place in Montana that celebrates harder than anyone else.

Friday, March 17th, will be one wild party across the country. St. Patrick's Day is a time for people to cut loose, have several Irish beverages, and wear an obscene amount of green. Bozeman has Run to The Pub, but that's happening on Saturday.

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One place in Montana is known for having one of the best St. Patrick's Day celebrations in America. The place is the legendary Butte America.

Photo by Steven Cordes via Unsplash
Photo by Steven Cordes via Unsplash

Many locals will be heading to Butte to celebrate and have a memorable St. Patrick's Day, but if you're celebrating there for the first time, here's what you should know and some tips.

  1. Head to Butte early-The St. Patrick's Day Parade starts at noon in Uptown Butte. This is a fantastic parade you don't want to miss.
  2. Dress Up for the Occasion-Don't be the person not wearing green in Butte. Go crazy and dress head to toe in green apparel. You won't stick out like a sore thumb.
  3. Drink Anywhere You Go-Butte has no open container laws. That means you can drink in the streets and have a good time.
  4. Pace Yourselves-We are all going to have a few adult beverages this holiday, but please pace yourselves. It will be a long day, and you want to enjoy all the festivities in Butte.
  5. Get A Certified Butte Pasty-If you need food to counteract all the beverages, we highly suggest eating a pasty. This is a staple of Butte cuisine and a great snack. Bread, meat, and onions are simple ingredients but delicious.
  6. Explore Downtown Butte-Make sure to enjoy all Butte has to offer. Several historical bars are essential for any St. Patrick's Day celebration. Mac's Tavern, M&M Bar, and Maloney's Bar are all great choices.
  7. Be Responsible-Just cause it's St. Patrick's Day doesn't mean you should be a nuisance. Make sure you are being respectful to others and not being an inconvenience to your friends.
  8. Make Sure You Have a Designated Driver-After you are done celebrating, make sure you reach your final destination safely with a designated driver or use ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft.
  9. Highly Recommend Staying In Butte-Book a hotel room or rent a VRBO and spend a whole weekend in Butte. Check out one of the great museums and the oldest-running Chinese restaurant in America, Pekin Noodle Parlor. Worth every memory.

St. Patrick's Day in Butte can be a whirlwind event, and we want you to have the absolute best time this Friday. Please be responsible, make good choices, and be safe.

Photo by Patrick Fore via Unsplash
Photo by Patrick Fore via Unsplash

Hopefully, these tips will help out.

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