I have a few websites bookmarked that I'll immediately go to as soon as I open up my browser. This website, naturally. Facebook and Twitter, of course. I've got sites for my movie and music news, sites for any random thought I might want to search, and usually, I've got Thrillist open, too.

It's a good resource for all kinds of entertainment, travel, food stories, and miscellaneous other stuff from all over the country. And today, when I opened it up, I was greeted by a huge headline that read "Live Mermaids Make This Montana Dive Bar One Of Our Great National Treasures."

And I was like - Montana? I'm in Montana! So I checked it out, and it's definitely given me a place to look forward to visiting in the near future.

The article's about the Sip N' Dip Lounge in Great Falls, a legendary bar that's known for having mermaids swimming around a giant glass tank while customers are sitting at the bar.

Obviously, not real mermaids (those are hella expensive), but the bar has 11 women on staff and their whole job is to swim around in four-hour shifts, getting close to the window and interacting with the customers.

I haven't been to Sip N' Dip, but it's a cool gimmick, and it's cool to see it being recognized on a highly-visited site like Thrillist - hopefully, after the pandemic starts to die down, it'll give a boost to some much-needed tourism in Montana.

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