When you think about Montana, you're probably not thinking about islands. I mean, this isn't Hawaii - we've got sweeping vistas, beautiful mountain views, an abundance of bear sightings... but we're pretty far out from the ocean, so this isn't exactly the place a visitor might come for "island living."

Of course, anyone who's been up to Flathead Lake would know that there are plenty of islands in Montana - they're all over the lake! And those islands were actually recently highlighted in an article by Thrillist, which details some of the things you can see if you're taking an island tour.

Have You Ever Gone Island Hopping On Flathead Lake?

Some of the islands they cover include Invitation Island and Wild Horse Island, and the article goes into detail about things like Flathead Lake cherries and the legend of the Flathead Lake Monster (which I was unfamiliar with and am now frantically researching to learn more about Montana's very own version of the Loch Ness Monster).

Since moving to Montana a few years ago, I've only been to Flathead Lake a handful of times, and only for a short while. We had plans to spend a weekend up there this year, but that ended up falling through. So hopefully, next summer, we'll be able to get out there and do some island hopping on the lake - and possibly begin our own expedition to find the Flathead Lake Monster, details TBD at the moment.

Do you have a favorite spot on Flathead Lake?

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