If you're one of the people on our Facebook page who always responds to these kinds of stories in the comments by saying "No! Keep the tourists out! Don't tell them about us!" ...well, I've got some bad news for you.

Thrillist had a big feature on Big Sky, Montana this month, highlighting it as the "ultimate all-season mountain escape." The article mentions many features that Big Sky is known for, like the Big Sky Golf Course, Lone Mountain Ranch, and the wide mountain ranges.

But of course, the main thing the article focuses on is how great Big Sky is for skiing, mentioning that Big Sky Resort and Moonlight Basic combine to make one of the largest terrain in all of North American winter sports, at 5750 acres.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Between the high season from beginning of December through the middle of April, the mountains can record as much as 300 inches of snowfall. Yet they remain relatively untrodden compared to their more crowded counterparts in Colorado and California—strict COVID precautions are in place, but social distance has always been a given, and a draw, here.

Plus, they mention that - since it takes a little bit of extra effort to actually make it there - it's actually the perfect place to go when you want to avoid crowds.

Pretty cool, right? I know a lot of people out there want to keep people from coming in and ruining Montana for everyone, but the fact that people are discovering the things that make Montana great is definitely exciting.

Have you been up to Big Sky to go skiing this winter?

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