Here's a look at some of the biggest stories trending in Montana

Why is it that we live in a day and age with some of the most sophisticated and amazing technology…yet criminals can run free after a robbery because of those crappy, pixelated security cameras? The same applies to people who capture evidence of Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, and UFO’s… Nine times out of ten, the footage is shaky, the lens is unfocused and the evidence being filmed is way too far off in the distance. So frustrating. Read More

After Missoula Alliance Church was evacuated at about 10:20 a.m., a technician from Northwestern Energy said methane gas had built up under a seldom used classroom, and drifted into the mechanical room. Jerry McConnell, a church leader, said the Northwestern Energy truck arrived within 10 minutes of his call, and quickly determined that the main boiler was secure and not the source of the leak. Once the methane gas source was located, the technician said just a few buckets of water every few weeks down a nearby drain would help to eliminate the gas. Read More

THIS might be one of the best Montana landscape videos we’ve ever found. Send this one to your out of state friends. Read More

You rarely hear stories about the guy who’s the second oldest man in the world. Walter Breuning, the world’s oldest man, passed away last year around this time at the age of 114 in Great Falls, Montana. Here are some of his tips for living a great, long lasting life: Read More

Residents are encouraged to be vigilant in keeping their eyes on the runoff around their houses as our recent snow in the valley melts. In the past week we have experienced water issues through out Gallatin County in places that we don’t routinely see it. As this snow melts out of the open spaces in the valley floor residents are strongly encouraged to keep an eye out for where the water is going. If it looks like their property may be affected, then they should take action before it becomes an issue. Read More

There is a pretty popular theory that the ones who speak up the most about gay rights are the ones who tend to REPRESS or HIDE something. This study very well could aid in that discussion. An adult website recently revealed the stats of GAY PORN viewing in America. From their findings, gay porn is much more popular in the South than most other regions in the U.S. where gay marriage is legalized. Read More

The ice is starting to melt, and our Montana roads are getting easier to drive on, but what if you haven’t satisfied your urge to shred the snow? Here’s one way to get your fix. It’s called “Montana Redneck Sledding” and if you haven’t tried this at home, well, you’ve been warned not to. But man, is it tempting.
It’s easy. Just get your self three things: A truck, a rope, and the hood of a car. That’s all you need, as demonstrated in this Youtube video. Read More

We’ve never met Kaetlyn Anne, but we want to. She’s a Bozeman singer and songwriter with one heck of a voice. Listen to her cover Rihanna’s “Stay”. Do you know this girl? Read More

In 2008, Missoula Rural Fire expanded its Resident Firefighter Program to provide extra support during non-peak hours. The department had no budget at the time to supplement their force of career firefighters, so young people interested in pursuing a firefighting and EMT career were housed in four of the five rural fire stations. That practice continues in 2014. Read More

Shazam is an indispensable smart phone app that allows users to quickly identity songs just by letting it listen to a few seconds of whatever is playing. Say you are in the mall, and you hear a track that you just have to learn more about…simple, just fire up Shazam and the service will find the artist and title, even a download link from iTunes. Read More

Sen. Tester and Sen. Walsh want Montanans to know how to prepare for floods and where to find the assistance they need to recover from – and stay safe during – flood events. “When folks are facing tough times, it’s important to lend a hand and make sure they know where to get the support they need,” Tester said. “That’s the Montana way, and I encourage all impacted Montanans to take a close look at these resources.” Read More

A new website about the Missoula to Lolo Trail was officially launched on Friday, March 14, by Missoula County and its project partners. Missoula County Parks and Trails Program Manager Lisa Moisey said the new website will help to answer a lot of questions people in western Montana have about the project. Read More

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