Here's a look at some of the biggest stories trending in Montana.

  • Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark has released a letter from Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg regarding the charges leveled against his office on February 14 by the U.S. Department of Justice. [Read More]
  • The latest Winter Storm Warning that was posted on Saturday afternoon for 6 a.m. Sunday morning arrived right on time and there has been a tragic consequence. [Read More]
  • Pearl Jam played at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds in 1992. Were you there? [Read More]
  • The word out late last weekend was that of 8.7 million pounds of meat, mainly ground beef has been recalled affecting Montana and Wyoming. [Read More]
  • ‘Tis the season for potholes in Missoula, and the season has begun in earnest. Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Missoula Bruce Bender said on Thursday, February 20, that Missoula experienced the perfect conditions for the worst kind of potholes this winter. [Read More]
  • Ladies young and old (along with a few dudes) took to the street in front of The Nova cafe to get down and funky for women's rights. [Read More]
  • A man who escaped from Montana police while being questioned about a reported sexual assault has been caught in Oregon. [Read More]
  • As the 8.7 million pound meat recall gets larger and affects more of the country, including Montana and Wyoming it seems more products like Hot Pockets are being recalled.  Also Rocky Mountain Oysters or bull testicles are part of the recall!  Keep in mind this years “Testy Festy” in Clinton, Montana begins July 30th! [Read More]
  • Don’t let the mid-winter gloom get you down. Before your seasonal depression kicks in, know that studies have showed that Montana is one of the happiest states in the U.S. [Read More]


  • Shane Thornton grew up in Bozeman.  He was always an athlete.  After sustaining some injuries, he tried yoga.  He fell in LOVE.  Shane went on to training and became a teacher and last year competed at the national level placing in the top 10. [Read More]


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