Here's a look at some of the biggest stories trending in Montana.

  • The avalanche that rumbled down Mount Jumbo late Friday afternoon was set up by bands of heavy snow, followed by warm temperatures, more snow, and strong winds. All it needed to come roaring down the hill was a trigger, a snowboarder. Read More


  • Enjoy a night at The Baxter in Bozeman with a total of 9 DJs to benefit Bozeman Youth Initiative on March 21st! Read More
  • There is a photo of a map that sprouted up online showcasing the most popular, best selling music artists from each state. In other words, artists BORN in particular states that have achieved stardom. However, when you take a close look at the map, you'll notice that our neck of the woods have been completely neglected! Read More
  • Here are three strange marriage laws that exist today, including one in the state of Montana. Read More
  • Who's ready for a Fat Tuesday night of Bonus Bingo at the Rockin' R Bar in downtown Bozeman? There's a guaranteed $800 Blackout pot. Read More
  • Looks like the girls of Real Housewives of New York were out in the "middle of nowhere." Yeehaw! The ladies were in Montana. Read More
  • A company that researches music intelligence recently released a study revealing the "most distinctive" music artist in every comparing the number of downloads in correlation with the amount of unwavering support they had for that band. As an example, LINKIN PARK has a massive fan base in Arizona, the Texans stream GEORGE STRAIT far more than most. And it's no surprise that BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN has tons of love in New Jersey. But what about Montana State? Read More
  • Spring arrives in Missoula soon, which means the start of prom season for Hellgate, Sentinel, Big Sky, and others . . . and if your kid wants to go, it is going to cost you quite a bit more this year. “The cost of raw materials has gone up.” says Becky Wagner, owner of My Sister’s Closet on Brooks in Missoula, “plus, labor in China is getting more competitive” causing the prices of dresses and tuxes this year to skyrocket. Read More
  • Runner's World voted Bozeman's "Run to the Pub" the #2 "Best in the U.S." half marathon in the country! Register for this fun St. Patty's Day road race, which ends at Pub 317 in downtown Bozeman, and see why on March 15. Read More
  • Most men should be aware that when it comes to viewing adult content, you need to close the blinds and turn down the lights. Privacy is a must. In a nod to technology, iPhones and computers pretty much solved that issue. Yet, what happens if your porn watching has to resort to the old school, and you have little to no resources? Easy! Read More
  • It's with great excitement that we announce the addition of three more artists to the 2014 Headwaters Country Jam lineup! Read More
  • I am so tired of seeing this kind of crap in Billings. It's gross. It's disgusting. And it SHOULD be embarrassing for goodness sakes! Do you know who's rockin this hot look too? It's not who you'd think. Read More

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