On March 13th, 2020, I went to go see Portrait of a Lady on Fire at Missoula's Roxy Theater. Two days later, the theater shut down, along with the rest of the country, as the COVID pandemic was getting worse and worse. And while other parts of Missoula gradually reopened over the last year, The Roxy still remained closed to the public... but now, they've finally set a date when they'll be reopening their doors.

The Roxy Theater will officially reopen on June 4th, and they've announced that they plan to screen recent Academy Award winner for Best Picture Nomadland during their return weekend. Tickets for that, plus some additional titles, will become available beginning on Tuesday, May 11th.

It's so exciting to see the Roxy back in action after all this time - of course, they've still been doing a lot during the pandemic even if people couldn't go see movies at the actual theater. They've had Centerfield Cinema at Ogren Park, screenings at the Roxy Garden, private rentals, virtual film festivals, and more. And it sounds like all of that stuff will still continue - Centerfield Cinema screenings are scheduled through September, and private rentals will continue to be featured at the theater. Plus, they're even adding more stuff into the mix, like free movie nights on the Hip Strip (a recent newsletter also mentioned that those will begin on May 23rd with a screening of the excellent Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse).

I can't wait to finally head back to The Roxy to see some new independent releases, and maybe a few classics I could be experiencing for the first time. Will you be checking them out during their reopening weekend?

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