I'm a pretty big movie geek, and when I moved to Missoula a few months ago, I consciously chose an apartment located pretty close to a few different movie theaters. The closest, and the one that I tend to go to the most often, is The Roxy. I go there as often as I do because they're usually showing the movies that aren't featured in the mainstream multiplex.

Likewise, one of my favorite streaming services is Filmstruck, a service that specializes in classic, arthouse, and foreign films that don't really have a place on services like Netflix or Hulu. So imagine my surprise when I was scrolling through Filmstruck and found a 10-minute documentary short putting a spotlight on The Roxy.

That's really cool! Coming from New York, I had access to a lot of different indie theaters. But in Montana, they're a lot harder to come by, and The Roxy's role in keeping that alive here is vital. You'll need a FilmStruck subscription to watch the short (or sign up for a free trial), but it's awesome to see such a major part of the local culture featured on one of my favorite services.


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