Shaun White is a 3X Olympic gold medalist and the master mind behind the highly successful Air & Style snowboarding competition/music festival franchise.

On the heels of his latest Olympic triumph, came some disheartening sexual harassment allegations. Now obviously I can't speak for the girl who accused Shaun of those things, but I can share my own experience with the guy.

Back when I lived and worked in Los Angeles, one of my many jobs at iHeart Media, was being an artist liaison. Whenever famous people dropped by the station, my job was to prep them for their interviews and basically hangout with them and keep them entertained while they were there.

When Shaun came in to promote his very first Air & Style event in LA, the poor guy was a hot mess. You would think that a guy like that, who has seen so much success in his life and has probably done a million interviews would be fine talking on the radio, but think again! He was a giant bucket of nerves. #relatable

After 6+ hours of prepping Shaun for interviews with big radio names like Ryan Seacrest and Valentine In The Morning, and hanging out with him during breaks, I can honestly say that he is one of the coolest guys out there! Not only was he trooper the whole day and made it through all 6+ hours without complaining, but he also brought BOXES of super sweet Air & Style merch for all the iHeart employees. He even hooked me up with VIP tickets to the event as a way of saying thank you!

So yes, I'm a BIG FAN of Shaun White, not just because he's a kickass snowboarder, but also because he was a decent human being to someone who could do nothing for him other than keep him company.

Truly hoping that these sexual harassment allegations are a thing of the past and that there's no truth to them...

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