Biking is a way of life in Missoula. As soon as warm weather strikes, bikers of all ages come out to play! And every year the Missoula biking community grows just a little bit bigger.

I'm pretty sure I learned how to ride a bike before I learned how to walk, so in my opinion, it's never too early to get your kiddo on two wheels and takin' them out on the trails! Especially when there are awesome programs like the Zootown Derailleurs, which is a youth cycling team offered through a partnership between MTB Missoula and Missoula Parks and Recreation, to teach them how.

Zootown Derailleurs is for kids of all ages and abilities, and a great opportunity for your kiddos to make some new friends and fall in love with an awesome sport. You can see their excitement and courage grow with each ride and rip around the mountain bike course. Plus it gets them outdoors and keeps them active during the warmer months!



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