Sweet Peaks Ice Cream in Missoula is on the lookout for a woman who reportedly broke into the shop on Front Street and stole a weekend's worth of cash.

The incident was captured on their security camera. The shop posted footage from it on their Instagram page, along with a still photo for people to get a better look at the woman stealing.

It's not clear how much money was stolen, and the video is a little tough to make out. But the shop is asking anyone who has any information about the robbery and break-in to message them directly via their Instagram account.

Usually these kinds of stories are an anomaly, but what's weird is we've heard about a few things like this happening over the past few months. Just last week, police arrested a man for robbing Stockman Bank. A while before that, there was the incident at Red's Bar where someone stole a football jersey off of the wall (which was eventually returned).

Hopefully Sweet Peaks is able to get their money back quickly and easily now that it's out there. And hopefully this is the last of these kinds of stories that we hear about in Missoula for a little while.

Do you have any information about the break-in at Sweet Peaks Ice Cream? Send them a direct message on Instagram in order to help them out.

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