Technology has good sides and bad sides but when it connects people looking for a place to have some outdoor activities with people who'd like to make their land available in exchange for a fee, that seems like a total win to me. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, check out the website for LandTrust, which describes itself as "the recreation access network." They're headquartered in Montana, but they also have locations in Kansas and Nebraska.

Though properties listed on LandTrust are available for activities like bird watching, fishing and ranch tours, the focus of this article is on where you can hunt in Montana. Here are some places that are popular according to LandTrust:

Old McIntire Farms East - Three Forks

According to their page, the farm is located 49 miles outside Helena and 40 miles outside of Bozeman, with amenities in town as well. As to why this might be the location for you, "this is a great option for hunters in Unit 390 with the extreme pressure on public lands. As snow moves in and the animals come down to the valleys large game is prevalent." Packages available allow you to hunt with firearms or with archery equipment, there's even a package that lets you hunt coyotes or other predators for a price starting at just $50.

 Farver Farms Expeditions - Scobey

Located way up in northeast Montana, their page doesn't shy away from the fact that the land is in a remote location, in fact that can be part of the appeal. Hunting packages for deer, waterfowl, birds and varmints.

Mountain Home Ranch - Clancy

To give you some idea of where this ranch is located, the city of Clancy is roughly 20 minutes away from Helena according to Google. Their page offers packages with a wide variety of animals to hunt, including bear.

Diamond D Farm & Ranch North Unit - Circle

This is another remote location in east Montana, with packages that allow you to hunt antelope, deer, waterfowl, pheasant, grouse and partridge. Here's their page for more details.

M5 Land Company - Joliet

Located 25 miles outside of Billings according to their page, with hunting packages for waterfowl, deer, pheasant and turkey.

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