You might think I'm being hyperbolic with a title suggesting Disney, one of the largest corporations in the world, has but one hope left, but the reality is the mouse and his crew have had a rough time these last few years. They ran Star Wars into the ground, to the point where no one even cares about Baby Yoda anymore. Marvel has also been a huge disappointment for Disney lately, with several movies that flopped in phase 4 and series that underperformed on Disney+. Though not all of their live-action remakes have been complete failures, the ugly, stiff CGI removes the magic from their excellent source material and diminishes audience enthusiasm. Lucky for Disney, I know how to solve all their problems— appeal to Montanans.

Because lately they haven't been. Instead of making movies for down-to-earth, practical Montanans, Disney has been catering their movies to Hollywood elites. The problem with that little strategy is most people around the world have more in common with Montanans than the mega-wealthy, disconnected residents of Beverly Hills, California. Here's how Disney can save itself from cultural irrelevance:

Family Values

This isn't exactly a new problem for Disney, which has a habit of killing off the parents of main characters to provide the allure of sympathy. I think what Montanans would rather see is a movie that shows the importance of a family rather than the story of a character who is a success despite losing them.

Cut the CGI, Film in Montana

I know I covered this before, but it's worth repeating with the addition of a visual to really drive the point home. Disney needs to focus on making movies that look beautiful and not necessarily realistic, check out the video below to see what I mean.

But if Disney loves their realism so much they can film in Montana. It's the perfect middle ground between fantasy and reality by being both majestic and somehow real.

Build A Theme Park Here

Ok, this one might not be the most strategic suggestion, but I'd like to see it happen anyway, especially considering the fan theory that Disneyland is actually based on Montana.

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