I'm somebody who watches a lot of movies, and when the Oscars come around every year, there's a good chance I've seen about 90% or more of the films that are nominated.

Those films are almost never the short films.

I always want to watch them, and almost never do! A big part of the reason for that is it's sometimes difficult to get ahold of them. But I won't have that excuse for much longer, because starting on January 31st, the Roxy is screening all of the short films nominated for this year's Oscars.

They'll have different screenings and showtimes for the different categories - Live-Action Shorts, Animated Shorts, and Documentary Shorts. They've currently got screenings scheduled through February 6th, so if you're making an effort to see everything before the Oscars on February 9th, this is your chance. You can check out the showtimes at the Roxy's website right here.

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