2018 was an up and down year for me personally, but it really opened my eyes to the fact that life is just going faster. So, if there are things that I want to do or see it's time to start working toward those goals not just talking about wanting to do them.

After spending time chatting with my wife about some of these things we started writing down things we want to do as a couple. Most of which are pretty normal like not eating out so much and being more diligent with saving money for the future. Another goal I have it to do more fun stuff, in 2018 we spent way to much time watching Netflix.

We wasted zero time jumping into a hobby that we both have enjoyed in the past as we both now have pistols that we bought and our newest hobby is going to the shooting range. We are both competitive so that will make us want to get better plus it's more fun then just sitting in front of a screen. If you haven't already I highly suggest writing some goals for 2019 and make sure you have them somewhere that you can see them often. Keep reminding yourself of those goals so you can achieve them.

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