A new kind ofcoffee shop is coming to Missoulaand it's being constructed with environmentally friendly style.

Liquid Planet owner Chad Morgan wasn't exaggerating when he called Liquid Planet’s new construction idea “unique”:

"It's a really unique project," Morgan said. "It's a double window drive-thru, but pretty uniquely built. The shell is constructed of two recycled shipping containers. It's a very, very unique building. As far as we know, this is the first building that is built this way in Montana."

Morgan said the idea came years ago. He said a local company brought the idea of using shipping containers as a means of construction to Montana last fall.

Liquid Planet Construction
Photo courtesy of Chad Morgan

All uniqueness aside, Morgan loves how environmentally friendly these containers are.

"So people love the look," Morgan said. "It's, of course, a recycled building, so there's the environmental factor of it. That's a big part of what Liquid Planet is about. Being as sustainable as we can is really important, and bringing that kind of building to Montana is something new, and we kind of wanted to be on the front edge of it."

Morgan said the shipping container is a great way to build as well as a decently efficient option for construction.

The new “coffee container” will be located in front of Missoula International Airport on West Broadway and Highway 10.

Morgan said the shop will be open within two to three weeks.

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