Fed up with the same day-in-day-out routine, grasping the same bottle of wine cooler and hanging out with the same people wearing different clothes and spouting off the same lame pick-up lines? Are you starting to ask yourself where all the "good ones" are in Missoula?

Do yourself a favor - stop thinking you are going to find that special someone at Stockman's Bar. It's not going to happen. Sure, you may meet someone there to take home, but will he or she be someone you want to take home... to your parents?

With that out of the way, let's dive into my "locals-only" list of places to meet your potential lovebird that will offer little to no competition to worry about...

UM Golf Course

Ladies, this one is more catered to you. I know, your idea of a good time may not include spending a day out on the greens hitting small balls across an open field, but let me tell you, THIS is where men (good, and often very polite men) hang out during the weekend.

Caras Park

This is a great place to go, especially during the summer. This outdoor attraction in the heart of downtown Missoula is literally swarming with both guys and girls during the warmer months, especially when one of the many "fests" are taking place. My advice to the ladies: hang out near the food vendors. Fellas love to eat.

Famous Footwear

This popular store, or any shoe store for that matter, is a great option. Face it, besides men and children, shoes are on the list of things women are most passionate about. Your best bet is to request the help from a girl who is shopping for herself and ask her to advise you on what shoes to buy. Just make sure you check her ring finger before you ask for her help.


Dogs are great people meeters! "Fetch, Ubu, Fetch. Good dog." So why not try your luck at Missoula's favorite dog park?

Liquid Planet (downtown)

The atmosphere of this local coffee shop is perfect to attract a mate. Just sit on the couch in the front facing the window near Higgins Street. You are bound to see the man or woman of your dreams walk through that door at any minute. Just do them a favor and don't look distracted. Leave your book or laptop at home and smile as they walk by. Who knows, they just might order up a cup and return to join you for some conversation!


As creepy and stalker-ish as this may sound, yes, Facebook is a great source to weed out the losers from the winners in Missoula. Remember, you don't have to friend them to do some sneaky investigating. Often times people don't restrict their photos and tidbits of information entirely on this social network to leave you wondering. Just be careful about the information YOU share with them once you strike up some flirty online chatter.

UC Center on campus

The UC Center is a prime spot to meet exciting people who are building toward a better future for themselves. That's a great characteristic to be looking for when you want to find someone to settle down with. Our college campus is bursting at the seams with a wide variety of fascinating, and well educated guys and girls. You are bound to find a potential study partner if you hang out there long enough. Your best bet: The cafeteria and game room.


Like minded singles tend to group up in order of political, spiritual and religious affiliations. That's why churches are often times the absolute best places to meet a potential lover. There are plenty of fantastic churches in Missoula. Find a preacher that best suits your style, and don't be afraid to mingle with the flock before and after the sermon.

Farmers Market

Check out the farmers market. While you are stocking up on fresh produce, you can do a little people watching at the same time!

The Peak Health and Wellness Center

The Peak does more than just help you find singles. It gets you off the couch, makes you more fit, and as a result makes you more attractive. Think of all the people you could meet! Healthy, attractive individuals that probably wouldn't mind if you "spotted" them... if you know what I mean.

Good luck on your search! Let us know if you have luck at any of the places we recommended. Feel free to add other locations that maybe we left out in the comments below.

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