Spring is here and the weather is warming up— uh, sort of. I don't know what the groundhog said but at this point, if only for my own sanity, I'm going to officially declare winter over. Now that we've reached a new season, I want my drinks to reflect that. That does mean saying goodbye to Big Sky Brewing's Powder Hound (I'll miss you) but hello to so many other delicious beers. Here are some Missoula beers I'd recommend for spring:

Eleven Czech Pilsner - Conflux

Pilsners are growing in popularity for a reason, and I'd definitely recommend this one with 100% Bohemian Floor pilsner malt, German Magnum and Czech Saaz hops.

POG Shady New England IPA - KettleHouse

Less bitter than most IPAs and more fruity, which is a nice change of pace from the stouts and porters we've been drinking all winter. Here's where you can check out Kettlehouse's other seasonal beers.

Maibock Lager - Bayern

This one is only sold April through May, so you know it's brewed with the first half of this season in mind. Golden brown liquid with a very malty flavor, yum.

Space Goat Pale Ale - Big Sky

This beer has by far the best logo on this list if that counts for anything. Big Sky Brewing's website says "crystal and galaxy hops are combined to produce a thirst quenching beer with citrus undertones" I'm not sure what crystal or galaxy hops are but they sound cool and that's good enough for me. I've had great times drinking this beer so I'm a fan for life.

Oak-illy Dokilly Flanders Red- OddPitch

Hiddy ho neighborino, this beverage is "a 75% blend of Red ale brewed with Maris Otter, Munich, Special X and Aromatic malt with 25% Barrel-Aged sour" according to OddPitch's website. Odd pitch is a brewer's term, but I still think this beer would be great for watching a baseball game.

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