Last week I wrote an article titled, "Hot Take: Montanans and Californians are the Same," and despite my eloquent and factual points, somehow there are still people who are unconvinced. So if you're one of the very few people who doesn't see that Montanans and Californians are a spitting image of each other, allow me to take you on a spiritual journey that will release you from the cycle of death and rebirth, welcoming you into a new form of consciousness with the knowledge that we are all one.


Just kidding.

Here's what Montana and California has in common:

They both have Hollywood

You get what I mean. Many Montanans are used to walking by humongous production crews with trailers, cameras and set pieces thanks to Yellowstone, and there are more film and tv projects on the way.

They both love the occasional drink

Montanans and Californians don't just drink, they made drinking part of their brands. Montana is known for its craft beer and California is known for its wine. Granted those are two different types of alcohol, but at the end of the day it's all just booze.

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They both know the snow

And by that I mean snowy weather, so don't get any ideas. Not all of California is Death Valley, that state has its share of ice, sleet, and yuck— I just remembered winter exists. Let's move on before I bum myself out.

They both know the road

I'll be polite here and simply say that no one has said Montana or California has the world's best public transportation, and partially for that reason driving culture is big in both states. Montanans and Californians drive their beloved vehicles everywhere, but there is one place they both hate to drive, which leads me to my next point:

They both hate traffic

No state loves traffic but Montanans and Californians absolutely cannot stand it. That said, Californians have a lot more of it, to which the Montanan says "neener neener neener."

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