Montana might be the best setting for a story. It's beautiful yet potentially trecherous, and it's mysterious enough to the rest of the world that writers have some freedom in how they portray it. Despite that, sometimes Montana is represented accurately, an episode of King of the Hill was so accurate that it may have predicted the future almost 20 years ago. Then there's Yellowstone, which may give viewers the wrong idea about this state. I'm also fascinated by the 1999 buddy action movie Chill Factor, which put zero effort into accuracy, to the point where it was actually filmed in South Carolina and Utah. But Marvel took it to a new level in their 2008 comic X-Force Volume 3 (Part 3).

X-Force are like the grittier, edgier X-Men. Though they at times share some of the same heroes as X-Men (like Wolverine), X-Force plays by their own rules and handles villains too grotesque and horrifying for a Saturday-morning cartoon. In X-Force Volume 3 they're fighting the Purifiers, a terrorist group that aims to kill every mutant on earth. So the writers needed a dark, scary place to be one of the Purifier's headquarters— can you guess where they chose?

Photo Credit: Varju Luceno on Unsplash
Photo Credit: Varju Luceno on Unsplash
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Missoula, Montana. Not exactly the dusty, dreary place the comic makes it out to be. And Missoulians would so NOT join a group like the Purifiers. If anything, Missoula would be an oasis for all mutants in the northwest. I'll forgive Marvel for this on the condition that they give Montana its own super hero. I'd also like a beer, get on that Kevin Feige.

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