Every Montana town has a unique charm to it, just as every Thanksgiving food is delicious in its own way. You've read about Montana towns as Halloween candy but now I'll set the table for the ultimate list of Montana towns and what Thanksgiving foods they would be, dig in:

Butte - The Turkey

Sorry Helena, but Butte is the people's capital. Butte is the embodiment of Montana's spirit, so I'll give it the honor of being the Thanksgiving-meal centerpiece. Also, if I said the turkey was another town, I'm a bit afraid of how the people of Butte would react— safety first!

Helena - Morning Pecan Casserole

A casserole includes different ingredients in the same pot, each contributing to the taste of the dish. That's what democracy is all about, right? Helena makes perfect sense as the casserole. Why the pecans, you ask? Because Helena is where the politicians are, so of course it's a little nutty.

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Billings - Sweet Potato Pie

Billings is the home of a sugar beet factory, that's why it had to be something sweet. Billings has the highest population of any Montana town, so there's no shortage of sweet potatoes at our imaginary dinner.

Whitefish - The Overly Fancy Dish No One Can Pronounce

Believe me, I was tempted to say Whitefish is the "white fish" but I settled on the more-accurate answer. Whitefish is beautiful but I think we can all admit it's way bougie.

Missoula - Vegan "Mac and Cheese"

Home of the Montana's hippies, the vegan option would have to come from Missoula. Plus, that city is so enthusiastically weird that it's almost cheesy.

Bozeman - A California Pinot Noir

Just my way of cracking wise at Bozeman, aka Böz Angeles.

Hamilton - Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Hamilton is a town everyone likes, and everyone likes the mashed-potatoes-and-gravy combo too. Hamilton doesn't have haters. Great Falls, however...

Great Falls - Cranberry Sauce

Great Falls is the butt of every Montana joke, not unlike cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. Despite that, I actually like cranberry sauce. I wouldn't visit Great Falls in a million years, but cranberry sauce is great.

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