So it's Valentine's day and you're single. Me too, and any attempt to tell you I'm cool with that will sound like pure cope. That's anti-single discrimination, I say! I can do what I want, when I want— at any moment free to follow my passions, unanchored by commitment and routine. Haters will say I'm trying to make myself feel better, nah I love this.

Though I will admit there is some sting to chillin' solo on the day made for couples. Kind of inconsiderate for this holiday to even be a thing, that Valentine guy must've been a real jerk. But don't despair, you could be with the love of your life by next February if that's what you want. Until then, I recommend keeping yourself occupied with some of these fun activities in Missoula:

Play games

Here's a friendly reminder that games aren't just on your phone. Gild Brewing which has fun, mostly old-school games to play with your frosty, cold beer. There's also Westside Lanes if you want to go bowling or hit their arcade.

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Watch a concert

Strummingbird Vegabond are playing at Local's Bar for their album release party that night, here's a link to their Bancamp, they sound awesome.


Test your knowledge at the Ole Beck VFW, because knowing the right answer is such a win.

Take a Dance Class

The class's description reads "this class is all about letting go of the 'I’m not a dancer' mentality and connect to your body through a positive and judgement-free environment" so your go-to excuse not to dance is completely null. Your move.


I've never heard of an event like this before, but it seems like a blast. It's called "Missoula Sings!" and it's "an open participation group where anybody who wants to attend is welcome to perform as part of the choir. Equal parts singing, comedy, and community-building." The event's description also reads that you'll be given lyrics and you'll be taught the vocal arrangements.

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