Genius! Mixing Montana beers and Missoula's famous ice cream for three tasty treats. I hope more roll out soon. Two  very popular things, especially in Missoula, are Big Dipper ice cream and micro-brews from our local breweries. Well get ready for Montana beer ice cream! Made from our local beer and our local ice cream folks at Big Dipper.

In a post on their Facebook page Big Dipper unveils that have partnered with KettleHouse Brewing Company, Philipsburg Brewing Company, Draught Works Brewery, and Big Sky Brewing Company to make some delectable treats.

Moose Drool Tracks with of course the Moose Drool from Big Sky. Imperial Root Beer from Draught Works and Philipsburg Brewering's will be one and then the famous Coldsmoke. They actually dipped this cone in chocolate chips to add to the goodness.

Maybe a Bong Water Berry mix maybe up next?

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