Four facts about local hunger:

1.  More of our neighbors are living in food insecurity this year than last.  During 2012, Missoula Food Bank has provided 9% more services than in 2011.

2.  One in three people in our community who struggle with hunger are kids.  Last year, Missoula Food Bank provided more than 21,000 services to area children.

3.  42% of people who use our local food bank each year do so only once.  Missoula Food Bank is a safety net for those in our community who have fallen on hard times.

4.  We can all be a part of a hunger-free Missoula. 58% of Missoula Food Bank’s support comes from individuals within our community who share our belief that no one among us should go hungry.

This Saturday Liberty Tax on Kensington Avenue in Missoula will be having a Grand opening party to educate locals about this great new Tax service and our cash-in-a-flash program incorporating a food drive for our local food bank. Hot dogs, treats will be available as they encourage you to bring in donations to our food bank. Needed donations are as follows:

Cash Donations:  The Missoula Food Bank has recently started a third evening
shift (expanded our hours) to be more available to those in our
community in need.  Cash donations will help them to sustain this new
service as well as the multiple other programs they administer.

Food Donations:  Canned fruits, spaghetti sauce/tomato
sauce, and peanut butter are the three most-wanted this month.

With the help of people like you, Liberty Tax will be helping the Missoula Food Bank who has been providing emergency food assistance for 30 years.

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