David Letterman announced to the world that, after 31 years of hosting his late night television show, he is retiring. But what will he do with his time away from the desk in which he interviewed some of the biggest stars in the world?

If owning a home in Montana is any indication, we may have some foreshadowing into where he might want to hang his hat.

It's no secret that Letterman owns a home in Saypo, Montana and frequents it during his off-season. The comedian, well known as the face of the "Late Show with David Letterman" on CBS since 1993, lives on this ranch part-time.

Google Maps
Google Maps

He bought the 2700-acre "Deep Creek Ranch", roughly 35 miles West of Choteau, Montana back in 1999. Many interesting stories have come from living here since then. Letterman's ranch was broken into by a bear in 2003, and one man is in prison for plotting to kidnap his son and nanny from here in 2005.

The 3-bed, 3-bath, 3,276 sq ft wood sided home has a detached garage, according to public records.

His main residence is currently in North Salem, NY, but at his age, and with the recent surprise announcement, it would not surprise any more so if he considers spending a little more time away from the hustle and bustle of big city life and settling down once and for all in Big Sky County.

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