T-minus one week and counting until the very last Late Show with David Letterman and the tributes are coming faster and faster, and sadder and sadder. I hope on the last installment of Stupid Pet Tricks one of the tricks is a shih tzu shedding a single tear for the end of this venerable late-night franchise, which comes to a close on May 20. It’s only fitting.

Last night’s touching yet hilarious Dave tribute came from Adam Sandler, who tuned up his acoustic guitar and returned to his roots writing silly but incredibly endearing (not to mention extremely vulgar) comedy songs for Saturday Night Live and his comedy albums. “There Simply Is No Better Man Than Good Old David Letterman” is maybe the best thing Sandler’s done in ... uh ... when did Punch-Drunk Love come out? It alternates funny, sweet, and dirty with pitch-perfect timing. (Also, who knew CBS censors were so lenient on mom jokes? Thanks CBS censors!)

This clip made me chuckle and got me misty eyed. Why doesn’t this Adam Sandler show up for Grown Ups 2? Seriously, where’s this combo of humor and heart? Why do we have to endure him getting peed on by a deer? Maybe it’s just time for Sandler to ditch all the co-stars, the affectations, and hangers-on, and get back to doing comedy albums and shows, just him and a guitar. Because Adam Sandler unplugged is still surprisingly charming.

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