With David Letterman departing The Late Show to make way for Stephen Colbert, the entire world waits with bated breath to see what this living legend will do after his final episode airs this May. Thankfully, we have people like Billy Eichner around to accost strangers and collect suggestions for what he should do next.

On the latest edition of his Billy on the Street series, Eichner (of Parks and Recreation fame) did what he always does: he wandered the streets of New York City, asking random people simple questions in the most hostile manner imaginable. But in this Very Special Episode, he had Letterman in tow, who sat back and listened as the hilariously abrasive comic cornered pedestrians and demanded to know what they think Letterman should do next.

The reactions run the gamut, from those who completely ignore Eichner to those who are instantly starstruck by Letterman. But no matter how they react, Eichner’s schtick allows for little to no patience, so if someone can’t give an instantly satisfying answer about the future of Letterman’s career they quickly hustle onward. Actually, the funniest thing about this episode of Billy on the Street isn’t Eichner’s screaming, but Letterman’s totally silent, bemused reaction to it all.

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