This is a fun fact to impress your friends with. Montana is home to the largest snowflake. I am surprised we don't have a home to " The Largest Snowflake" sign as you enter Montana.

I initially found this on, which had published an article on fun facts about Montana. Being that it is winter this is perfect. I had no idea that the largest snowflake on record was recorded here in Montana. I researched more and on it says : In 1887, a 15-inch wide snowflake fell on the Fort Keogh Army Post in Montana that is still considered the largest ever. Really 15 inches wide?? That is one big snowflake.

If you are like me and wondering where is Fort Keogh Army Post in Montana? Well it was pretty close to modern day Miles City. The snow storm was being watched by many soldiers who reported the huge flakes and compared it to a Frisbee, or small saucer. I have never seen that big of flakes before. This happened on January 28th, 1887.

I guess the scientific reasoning is that this was actually a bunch of snowflakes stuck together making one big monster flake, when the flakes store water while falling they can stick and form one large flake ( laymen terms).



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