Hey, remember how Election Day is next week? It's kind of a big deal. I was registered to vote back when I lived in New York, but since I just moved to Montana a few months ago, I was a little worried that I had missed my chance here. How much work would the registration process be?

As it turns out, it's actually the easiest thing in the world. I went to the election office that was set up at the Missoula County Fairgrounds yesterday. I filled out one form, showed my ID, and boom, that was it. It took less than five minutes.

And then, when it was over, they asked if I wanted to vote right there. I didn't even realize I had that option! So, I did, and now on Election Day next week I can sit back and relax. The fact that voter turnout in America is often on the lower side seems absolutely insane considering how easy it is to do. So go vote!

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