Do you know the difference between a House Elf and a Goblin? Could you tell me off the top of your head what house you would be sorted into, citing specific examples why? Could you recite from memory the entire Hogwarts song that went on for like two pages in Goblet of Fire?

Because your team could probably use you at Harry Potter trivia in Missoula next week. It's happening over at Monk's Bar on Thursday, March 21st. This is a 21+ event with a $5 entry fee that kicks off at 9:00. Here's what they say on their Facebook event page:

"Maximize your Potter Potential! Gather your fellow fanatics for a night of "siriusly" nerdy fun with Harry Potter Trivia at Monk's Bar! Each team may have a maximum of 8 players for 4 rounds of questions. Additional rules and parameters of the game will be explained before we begin.
Hosted by Candice Rhea.
*There will be prizes and HP-themed beverages.
*Fan flare and costumes are strongly encouraged, and *may* earn you bonus points on your final score.
*DJ Chaddabox will be gracing us with some groovy tunes after trivia, so stick around!"

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