I had heard rumors about an authentic bus full of burritos, chimichangas, and tacos... but I always thought it was a myth. Plus I like real authentic mexican food so sometimes it's hard to take peoples word for it.

In Dillon there is something nicknamed the "Burrito Bus" that sits in a parking lot. Looks like an ordinary semi run down bus that maybe doesn't even drive anymore. Once you go inside it is magical, the smell of fresh carne asada, rice and a hint of tortilla. Street tacos on the menu, shrimp fajitas, Carnitas and Chile's.. yummy.

Did you know though it is not actually called the Burrito Bus... it is named the Fiesta Mexicana taco bus in Dillon Montana ! They are easy to find, the first exit coming from the north or the second exit coming from the south!

Nom Nom Nom...



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