Music on the loudspeakers, free helmets and lots of skaters at the Circle 13 Skatepark Grand Opening Saturday, July 6, in Hamilton’s Claudia Driscoll Park. The skate park is one of the largest in the state and organizers say that it might be a destination point for festivals and gatherings. Saturday, plenty of skaters were trying out the steep and not-so-steep slopes in the large park on the northeast corner of the park at North 10th Street.

The Grand Opening almost didn’t happen. Two plans to plant grassy areas surrounding the concrete had been delayed. But finally on July 3rd, a supply of turf was delivered - with more arriving on Friday, July 5. Volunteers were expecting to work late into the evening Friday - but then a Trapper Creek Job Corps Center bus arrived and the crew of workers laid the 13,000 square feed of turf by 3 p.m. Friday. The Grand Opening was on. Evergreen, the company in charge of constructing the park, said the Trapper Creek crew made the difference in completing enough grass installation to have the Saturday celebration. Further grass "hydroseeding" will complete the landscaping around the skating area, with some temporary closures expected during that project.

skate park grass turf
Putting down a section of grass Friday. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

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