I've been to a couple of these UM campus movie focus groups before and they are tons of fun. Basically, you sit around and chat about upcoming movies and get paid $50 when your done!

Sounds like a dream gig, huh? This is a killer way to make a little extra dough and if you have a little free time on your hands this Wednesday, and this time you are a women between the ages of 15 and 45, then I advise you read on. .

Another one of these movie discussion panels is coming up and this time they are looking for ladies only to give their opinion on some female-friendly movie trailers.

According to coordinator,  Kevin Lannoye

Females between the ages of 15-17 need to be at school at 4:25pm
Females 24-29. Be at school at 5:30pm
Females 40-45. Be at school at 6:35pm

Each group will last about an hour and a half in the Gallagher Business Building on campus.


Must be frequent movie goers (seen at least 2 movies in the theater within the last 3-4 mos)

Also: I would like to know what type of movies you enjoy/dislike out of the following:

Romantic Comedy
Dance Movie
Science Fiction
Suspense Thriller

If you fit the requirements, please contact Kevin Lannoye at enicmt@gmail.com


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