For the last few weeks, Ogren Park and The Roxy have seen a lot of success with Centerfield Cinema, where guests sit on the field and watch movies on the scoreboard. It's a good mix of stuff they've been showing, everything from Purple Rain to Mean Girls, with movies like Space Jam and Mamma Mia! already scheduled for later this month.

But if you've been wanting to go to Centerfield Cinema but maybe don't want to shell out the money to do so, next week is providing you with the option to do just that. UM Housing and the University Center are holding their own FREE outdoor movie night on Friday, July 17th, over in Campbell Park at the University Villages.

This will be similar to Centerfield Cinema - it'll be socially distanced, and they're requesting that everyone wear masks. Their Facebook event page also notes that, "We will allow entry subject to Missoula County Health Guidelines at the time. Please stay tuned for more information on that as we get closer."

Oh, and they chose a pretty great movie to show, too - the 2002 Disney animated film Lilo & Stitch, which, in my opinion, is full-stop one of the best Disney movies ever. Perfect for families looking to have a night out in a world where that's becoming increasingly harder to do.

Will you be checking out Lilo & Stitch at Campbell Park?

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