Backyard chicken farming has become popular along with backyard gardening. We have jumped on the backyard band wagon too. My husband is the gardener in our house and I am what you would affectionately call a crazy chicken lady.

I originally got into the chicken game because I wanted something to eat the bugs around our yard and for the free eggs. I found that it didn’t take long before I was talking to my pretty little hens, feeding them treats and naming them after my favorite TV characters. It didn’t take long before my boys had each named their favorite chickens and could pack them around like a football. The hens would even come when they were called.

I recently ran across an article in which the main subject was chickens. You may not think this was strange because I love chickens, but this article had to do with politics and chickens and how four little hens could make or break a politician’s career.

I have to admit that as a crazy chicken lady I found myself getting quite mad while I was reading the article. It seems that the politician’s wife complained to the homeowner’s association about the neighbor lady’s hens. Hens which the neighbor had been using to aid in the therapy of children recovering from abuse and other issues.

It seems that the politician’s wife complained that the chickens stunk, which I have to say that I have a lot more than four chickens and they don’t stink. I may have been able to overlook this if it weren’t for the fact that the politician threatened to sue his chicken loving neighbor over her beloved birds.

I think the thing that made me the maddest was that he said that he didn’t think chickens could be considered pets. I have a four-year old who wept over the death of his chicken, Milly, from the ravenous neighbor dog. I know for a fact that my son loved that chicken just as much as he loves his dog or his cat.

What do you think? Read the article and form your own opinion. See if you agree with this crazy chicken lady or if after you read it you just end up thinking that’s all I am is a crazy chicken lady.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.


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