So far, it hasn't been great news as we gear up for the Halloween season around Missoula. We found out the owners of the Missoula Maze have sold the property and the maze won't be happening this year - and it might be closed for good.  On top of that, we're losing another Halloween staple as it appears the Missoula Haunted House won't be happening for 2021 - and the future is murky beyond this year. So after losing a couple of our favorite Halloween activities, we'll take whatever bit of good news we can get when it involves a little Halloween fun.

Bring on the pumpkins!

It was late August when I moved to Missoula a few years ago and we ended up at Turner Farms when we were searching for pumpkins to carve. It just kind of became our go-to place every year when Halloween rolls around. And as they get ready to start pumpkin sales, it sounds like they have a pretty good supply that's ready for the pickin'. It's probably safe to say that not many people were thinking about pumpkins in the middle of our record-breaking heat. But if you were cursing the long run of hot days - you might benefit here on the back end as the summer weather has helped this year's pumpkins maximize their growth.

Purchase or pick at Turner Farms

Beginning Saturday (9/18,) pumpkins will be available for purchase from the farm. But those will be pumpkins that have been picked and put on display. The actual pumpkin patch will open for picking pumpkins on October 1. They'll sell pumpkins for as long as they have them - but they did sell out weeks before Halloween last year.

If you want to get your pumpkins, see the animals, or visit the farm store - find Turner Farms at 606 Stallion Lane in Missoula - and get the details and daily hours HERE.

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