Sometimes I get frustrated over the smallest things, I can let the big things go but the smaller life issues really grind my gears. The problem I am wrestling with lately has to do with the lawn in my front yard. I live next to a neighborhood park so often people "cut across" or walk across my lawn. If it stopped there I would let it go, as I did that all the time as a kid. But this weekend I noticed other people's dog mess in my yard and now the issue is starting to bother me.

First off, I am a HUGE animal lover but as a responsible pet owner I never leave my dog's mess around our neighborhood. We have a doggie bag holder located on our dog's leashes so they are readily available when needed. Any pet owner should be picking up after their animal, this is common sense.

Okay, now that you know the issues I am dealing with, I am trying to work toward a solution. I could sit here and continue being mad about it and not saying anything but that isn't going to help. I could post on our neighborhood FB group page and hope that the people doing this will stop. Or I could put up a small fence/barrier just a few inches off the ground as a reminder to keep people or their animals doing their business on my lawn?

I feel like this is such a petty issue and it's definitely a #FirstWorldProblem. But why should I have pick up my neighbors dog mess or remind people to walk on the sidewalk instead of my grass? Do you think it's worth taking action or should I just calm down and focus on more important issues in my life?

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