Have you seen it yet? The latest viral video of people bothering extremely-dangerous wildlife in Montana. USA posted the it on YouTube today with edits for the sake of brevity, according to their caption no one was hurt in the encounter. Check it out below:

I'lll admit the Montanans yelling "get him!" made me laugh, but I'll also admit I often have the very stupid impulse to pet extremely dangerous animals, even moose. Sure, they don't like the cuddliest animals, but I still want feed one some apples and scratch it behind the ears— does that make me crazy? Don't answer that.

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The point is, for the sake of my safety and the comfort of wildlife, I have found other activities to do instead. Here's what to do instead of bother a moose in Montana:

Go to a Petting Zoo

I'll start with the obvious one here. All the fun of petting animals with the added bonus of none of them outweighing you by 1,000 pounds.


This activity is nice because even if you feel like petting a bird, they'll simply fly away instead of stomping you to death. You know, like a moose might.

Eat a Huckleberry Sundae

Grab a spoon and dig in, just don't offer the moose any.


You may not reach total enlightenment, but if you align your charkas you may be able to meet your inner moose. Or something.


People who want to bother a moose clearly have a daredevil mentality, so this is an alternative way to get the blood pumping. Here's a whole list of wild activities to do in Montana.


If you think you could take on a moose, try sparring a human at one of Montana's kickboxing gyms and see how that goes. If nothing else, maybe that'll knock some sense into you.

Stay in the Brewery

Drink responsibly and don't leave until you're sober enough to not to a moose is not your ride home, even if you brought a saddle for some reason.

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