What would you do if you won $30,000? How would you spend the money? More specifically, how would you spend the money in Montana?


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I often think about what I'd do if I came into a large sum of money. Personally, vacations are at the top of my list. I've always wanted to travel and see the world. I feel like winning $30,000 would help make that dream a reality. I'd also be sure to fill up my freezer with Montana-raised beef.

If you don't want to leave the state, there are several different ways that $30,000 could improve your life and make it better. You could also use some of the money to make Montana a better place for everyone that lives here.


Depending on how you decide to spend the money, you have an advantage in Montana because there isn't a sales tax. You wouldn't have to worry about paying taxes on anything that you purchased.

What Could You Do in Montana If You Won $30,000?

Depending on your interests, there are a variety of ways to spend $30,000 in Montana. To help you out, we put together a list of ideas. You could always invest the money, and plan for the future, but if you want to have a little fun, here are a few suggestions.

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