It's always sad to see a beloved local business shut down, especially one that's been around as long as this one. Diamond Bar Meats in Missoula announced on their Facebook page this weekend that they would be closing down permanently, after 57 years in business. They plan to close up shop on August 1st.

Luckily, it doesn't seem to be a COVID-related closure - it's just that the owners are ready to close down and want to enjoy some retirement time. Their post says they considered having someone else take over the business, but the expense of that would be "too much to bear."

The comments on the post show a ton of support for Diamond Bar Meats, with people sharing their favorite stories - some former employees, some frequent customers. All of them were happy for the owners to retire, but sad to see a staple of Missoula shutting down for good. It's definitely a bittersweet feeling.

Had you ever gone to Diamond Bar Meats? Will you be stopping by sometime over the next few weeks to say goodbye? 57 years is a long time to do ANYTHING, let alone keep a beloved business running that entire time. It seems like the owners have earned a well-deserved break.

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