Blink-182 are starting their World Tour 2023/2024 this May— big surprise, they have no dates scheduled here in Montana. This Rockin' Some Beach Time with Blink-182 contest is giving you the chance to win a trip to see them in Tampa, Florida this July with airfare, a hotel stay and $500 in spending money, but not all of us can be lucky enough to win that. What we really want is for the pop-punk legends to perform here. Check out their live video from 2013 below:

In all their years of touring they've never performed in Montana, but I think that could change. Sure, I could just be patient and maybe they will, but where's the fun in that? Here's some ideas to convince Blink-182 to perform in Montana:

World's Largest Burrito

This idea won't be easy, but a concert by such an awesome band would be worth the effort. The Blink boys love Mexican food, so I figure we could impress them by going big. According to Guinness World Records, the world's largest burrito weighed over 2 tons. Who's got some flour handy?


Like I said in my article with ideas to convince Taylor Swift to perform in Montana, I'm not sure about the ethics surrounding donating to a charity with the hopes of getting something in return, but Blink worked with a Los Angeles children's charity called Hillsides, if we put a huge donation in their name I'm sure they'd notice.


Tom DeLonge's interest in UFOs is no secret, and plenty of UFO footage has been documented in Montana. Keep your eyes to the skies, because just one more strange video could catch his attention and get us that much closer to seeing All The Small Things live.

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