As I'm writing this, a light snowfall is happening right outside my window - the ground is getting white, and I'm getting ready to go home, plug in the lights on my Christmas tree, and panic about forgetting to buy a present for some family member that I thought I had already taken care of.

It sort of blows my mind that Christmastime is here already - it feels like just yesterday was December 10th!

Obviously, because this year has been the year that it was, Christmas is going to be different for most people. Normally, I'd be traveling home to New York to see my family, but that's not in the cards this year, so my girlfriend and I are hanging at home, and trying to do whatever Christmassy things we're allowed to do given the circumstances of the pandemic.

And if you've got kids, this is a really great one to take them to: Out West Wagon Rides in Darby has been doing these Christmas rides for the kids! You can watch a quick video of the ride embedded below.

Neat, right? Definitely worth checking out if you've got kids, it seems like something they'd really enjoy. You can follow Out West Wagon Rides on their Facebook page, where they've been continually updating people about the Christmas rides, and you can find out even more about them over at their website.

Will you be taking the family to one of these Christmas rides? Seems like a cool Christmas memory in the making.

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