The major construction project on the East Side Highway (US 269) south of Stevensville starts this month. The Montana Department of Transportation and First Mark Construction are having an online open house Wednesday, April 7, to explain the project to the public.

The "South of Stevensville Safety Improvements Project" will be featued in the virtual open house, with opportunities to ask questions of the project team. The meeting will be conducted on the Zoom platform and you can register for the session at

The road section involved is between Pine Hollow Road and North Birch Creek road, including the intersection at Bell Crossing and Willoughby Lane. The project involves widened road shoulders, flattened slopes beside the road, new flashing lights at Bell Crossing, along with guardrail replacements, new pavement markings and signs. The construction will require lane closures and delays are expected. Electronic signs just south of the Stevensville city limits have been advising motorists of the upcoming construction.

There will be weekly updates from big Sky Public relations, and the project website also has information. The project hotline will be operational Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 406 207-4484.

Missoula District Construction Engineer John Schmidt said, "We want to see everyone at the open house because it is part of our commitment to keep the community informed of road work happening in your backyard. Public involvement is critical to our decision making and will make for stronger, safer communities."

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