If you're down in the dumps because you don't have a date for Valentine's Day, maybe it's because of where you live.

Zippia recently did a study where they ranked every single state in the US for single dudes looking for dates, and the results for Montana were... not great!

Montana was the number 4 WORST state in the US for single guys, coming in just behind Utah, New Jersey, and the number one state, Hawaii. Here's what they said about Montana:

Marriage Rating: 53.1
Men-to-Women: 101.4
Living with parents: 22.06%

Montana may be known as the “The Last Best Place” but it’s not so great for single men. Single Montana men trying to get a date have some hurdles to overcome- high marriage rates and an unfavorable ratio of men-to-women.

That's probably not exactly what single guys want to hear, but all hope is not lost! I was a single guy in Montana and I've been dating my girlfriend now for about six months. It can be done! (Did I write this post to humblebrag about my girlfriend? Who's to say?)

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