The bears are back in Montana after their long nap through winter, which causes some ambivalence for me.  On one hand I'm happy for them (and a little jealous they get to miss our gnarliest season) but on the other hand I'll admit I do feel uneasy about the chance of accidentally upsetting one of these beasts. For an explanation why, here are some times bears were caught on camera in Montana:

Grizzly vs Car

This grizzly was determined to find a way into this car WITH people inside. At one point in the video the child asks "luckily these bears don't break through windows" although the terrifying truth is they actually can. Check out the video below.

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Grizzly Chases Black Bear

No one is immune from the aggression of a grizzly, not even other bears. In this video a grizzly decides not to climb a tree to finish the hunt, and for the black bear's sake, I'm glad.

Mother Moose Defends Calf From Grizzly

I can only imagine how this mother moose felt as this grizzly was absolutely staring down her calf, and even feints a charge. This video shows true mom power.

Black Bear Intimidates Fisherman

The disbelief from these fisherman are palpable as this black bear swims right for their boat. A mere shrug in this video was enough to dissuade the bear, lucky they didn't end up like whatever the bear is eating in the next video.

Black Bear Feeding Time

You can get a sense of the potential size and strength of black bears in this video. I'm not 100% it was shot in the Montana section of Yellowstone National Park but the photographer who filmed it is based out of Bozeman so I'm counting it.

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