It's springtime, baby, and now it actually feels like it. Chances are you'll be walking around town more, no longer sprinting from your home to a vehicle to minimize time exposed to the cruel, freezing temperatures and blistering winds of winter.

Missoula's a great place to listen to the birds or to meet new people, but not everyone is in the mood to do that all the time. Occasionally it's preferable to listen to your earbuds and do your own thing, keep scrolling to see some places where you're welcome to do that in Zootown:

8 Places Where Earbuds Are Welcome in Missoula

Where Earbuds are Welcome in Missoula

The 14 Best Places in Missoula to Take Visitors From Out of Town

We asked locals where they like to bring visitors when they take a trip out to Missoula - and here's what they came up with.

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