Montana has lots of wildlife, which is great. The best part is that the more wildlife, the more baby wildlife. Baby animals are so adorable, unfortunately the mamas of those baby animals aren't too keen on us cuddling them, but watching them is the next best thing. Here's a list of times baby animals were filmed in Montana:


You might want to own a raccoon but don't worry, the woman in the video below will talk you out of it.

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This video even has a bonus mama bear, nice to watch them from the safety of my room— much less risky than up close.


Look at all the hot chicks in this video, man. The heating lamps are certainly keeping them quite warm.


Which of these ducks in this video are Huey, Louie and Dewey? It's hard to tell them apart.


You really shouldn't feed local deer, but this video was too cute not to post. Shout out to mama deer and her tasty carrot.


I bet you haven't seen a baby wolverine before, but the video of these two were at ZooMontana in Billings. Just remember to not bother those wolverines or the rest of the X-Men, bub.

Mountain Lion

In the video you only get a glimpse of this mountain lion cub, probably because the little cat is too sneaky.


The description of this video doesn't say what these adorable kittens are looking at, but it must be pretty interesting the way they're all bobbing their heads to keep track of it.

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