Missoula is my favorite city in the world and there's so much to love. The university, the culture and the natural beauty are three things here that are particularly great. That said, Zootown's not perfect. Here's what sucks about living in Missoula, Montana:

No Coat Hooks at Bars

I'm putting this one first because local bar owners NEED to fix this before next winter. In front of every bar stool, on the bar below the counter should be a hook for you to hang your coat or handbag. That way you don't have to either awkwardly drape your coat over your seat or be uncomfortably warm. Pretty much no bars in town have these and it's super annoying.


Half the roads are diagonal and half are straight, which makes for some infuriating intersections. Big-city types might mock me for saying it, but Missoula's traffic is bad, especially on Reserve Street. That's not even the only problem with that street, and anyone who's driven the Reserve Street Bridge at night knows it. That bridge needs lights, but it won't be cheap to install them.


There's not a lot of choices when it comes to ethnic food in this town, but shout out to places like El Cazador and Masala. I also think we could use more non-chain sandwich places, but again shout out to Tagliare Delicatessen and Doc's Sandwich Shop, at least we have them.

Not Enough Concerts

There are cities with bands constantly competing for a slot on a concert lineup, but from what I hear Missoula has the opposite problem, meaning that if you're trying to put a show together, you may struggle to find enough bands available that can pull an audience. Bigger bands do tour here occasionally, but I think every Missoulian agrees that there's more demand to see mainstream-ish artists and groups than there is supply currently.


The pandemic-housing boom has really done a number on the cost of housing, this article about a report from the Missoula Organization of Realtors can give you a real sense of it.


It was snowing this morning, on April freaking 12th. Winter bleeds pretty deeply into both fall and spring, it sucks warm weather doesn't last for nearly as long as cold weather here.

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